Divine Laws of God - 11 BOOKS

Learn the codes, affirmations and divine methods used by all the ascended master and archangels of the divine team of God. 

The 7 Infinite Ascended Mastery Tools & Divine Soul Blueprint

These are the tools you will master every month to align you with your divine soul plan. There is a divine soul blueprint of your soul.


Did you know there is a plan for you life here on earth? Yes this plan is the plan that has been with you since birth. Do you realize that every lifetime you were supposed to activate this divine plan? The plan is also your divine birth right. In order to activate this divine plan, you must be able to bring about the inner divine essence of your soul.  We have all the secrets, codes and affirmations that all the ascended masters and archangels use each and every day in their mastery way of healing, love, guidance and devotion. Now it is time for you to also become a divine ascended master and discover the inner divine essence that you were born with. Every inner revelation that you receive in this program will naturally transform your inner being, your inner desire and your inner abilities to become absolutely divine and successful in all your passions, relationships, business and spiritual discovery. We invite you to embark on the once in a lifetime opportunity to receive the divine soul blueprint of your soul and enter the transformation process it takes to actually activate this divine process within you, striving each day to soul mastery.

Soul Mastery Testimonials

There's never been a more magical experience discovering who I truly am. I am absolutely astonished as to how much this has changed my life. I am on Book Seven and every month I become stronger in my spirit and my creative passions have reached new heights. I cannot thank the author of this program enough for her hard earned work giving us the tools from the ascended team and showing us her beautiful energy she has brought to the earth at this time. Anastasia Deva Ray, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your work has changed my entire life 360, I am truly grateful for this amazing program and discovering my blueprint has made me more focused than ever before in my life. I am happy to say that I love myself and I am ready to conquer the world with all my gifts and passions within. 

Stephanie, North Dakota

Wow, all I can say is Anastasia Deva Ray and her twin, Elohim,  has written the most important and magnificent books in the world. Knowing how much she has been through to write these books to deliver them to us, is very heartwarming and undeniable an achievement that God has given her to accomplish. These books are going to change the world, it has changed my world and now Im beginning to change and transform all the souls around me into divine purity. I just cannot believe how easy it is to achieve once you have the infinite tools and the most AMAZING affirmations that will truly make you a SUPER MASTER!  I am so grateful! 

Justin, Australia

I would have never started this amazing business if it wasn't for this program. Everything I was doing was completely the opposite of what God wanted me to do. Anastasia helped me every month when I struggled figuring out how to master the amazing blueprint she wrote for me. She brought about a self discovery in myself  in such a short amount of time and even though 11 books may seem like a lot, I was able to read one chapter a day and  get closer to pure essence within that makes me absolutely more than I am without this knowledge. I have been applying these affirmations and codes given by the ascended team to each day I work and create and honestly my business has a whole new outcome and path than I planned it to be. The methods used for business has made me over achieve everything I ever wanted and for this, I highly and truly recommend this soul mastery course and all the books she will write in the future, I am sure I will stay aligned with every message you bring to us through your writing. I love you, thank you so much for all that you do.

Daniela, New York